June favorite 2013

 Hello, I've decided to blog about my monthly favorites since I've been
 getting huge requests from readers. This will be my first blog post on monthly 
favorites & usually bloggers would video it but I'm really shy to appear 
on video, I'll look stupid & I'll start mumbling. However, my favorite book
last month would be The lovely bones. Basically it's about a 14 years old
girl who was accidentally killed by her neighbour who was obsess with her.
Her body was never found, she was stuck in between earth & heaven to
accept her destiny which is pretty much tragic. If you don't really fancy reading,
you can also watch the movie. (Highly recommended!) Next would be my 
favorite scent Love by Chloe, I'm a big fan of fresh floral & calming scent.
I've been spray this baby all over me & I still can't get bored of it.

Spring/Summer is always the best, here's my favorite nail polishes.
The word I'm looking for is pastel, everything pastel. The last time I
went to Lush, I got myself a Greese Lighting which helps you to calm
your red/black spots & pimples. Ever since I bought it, I can't thank 
Lush enough. My skin is free from annoying black/red spots & it really 
have a nice Lavender & tea tree scent which is my favorite scent.
On the other hand, here's the hidden spot in my room. The white shelf 
was a gift from my mother, she got it for 130 ringgit. That's where I 
place my books, magazines, games & my iPhone speaker. 

Last month favorite movie would be Love Potion no.9
The movie was released in 1992, this movie is one year older
than me. For music, I've been listening to Tokimonsta & Observe
Drift. Check them out, you might like it too. That's all for now. 
Till then, stay golden!.