I'm not a morning person or a night time person. I don’t think I’m even a person.

July is all about rainy days in Malaysia, the weather is making me lazy 
& this is the time where you can pull of sweaters, jackets or cardigans
without looking like weather imperador in Summer. I went to Topshop
recently & decided to get a denim jacket. The jacket cost about 250
ringgit, it wasn't on sale but I did have my discount coupons from my 
last purchase & after using my discount coupons it only cost me 141.40 
ringgit. How good is that? The happiest girl at Topshop Pavilion yesterday. 

Before I forget, I would like to thank those bloggers & my blog readers 
who nominated Le getmied blog for Libster blog award. However, I 
apologize for not participating or respond as before this Libster blog 
award thingy I've already blog about '50 facts about me'. So it is kinda the 
same thing but thank you very much for tagging me, hugs. On the other 
hand, I just got to know that my photographs got into 'Where event website' 
where  they post photographs of event such concert & all. It's so funny 
actually cause I didn't even know about it till last night & the event is about 
5 to 10 months ago for BIGBANG Alive tour concert. This is insane!.

Denim Jacket: Topshop | Shoes: Topshop | Watch: Vintage | Record: Hurts
Daisy bracelet: Topshop | Sunglass: Spitfire.

Till then, stay golden.