I got my daisy sunflower sunglass on.

You know it is Summer when your body clock is fucked.
To be very honest, my body is getting weaker at the moment.
I've been resting a lot & stressing. The more I rest, the more I stress.
Besides that, I envy those of you who is living in England right now.
It's sunny & perfect but yet most of you dislike the heat wave. I'd kill,
to return to England immediately but I'll have to wait till next year. (sob)

I bought this amazing pins for accessorizing your bags, jackets & so on in 
Singapore Underground Scape last month. I've totally forgotten about it until 
2-3 days ago, I was on Tumblr procrastinating & everyone was reblogging 
those pins photographs. Asking everyone where to get it & it continues.
Apparently pins are the in thing right now, I must say that I love how it
looks on denim shirt or jacket. On the other hand, I would like to thank 
you for your love towards my recent photographs. At the moment, I'm 
on a tough project which would change my life if it turns out good, I'll
definitely blog about it. Till then, stay golden.