Do it yourself, floral headband.

Hooray to another DIY blog post, notice how floral headband is
a hot fashion accessories during Summer?. I drove around town
looking for the perfect floral headband & I found out that Topshop
is selling it but then it never came to Malaysia. Apparently it is sold
out online too & the price are just ridiculous. I feel devastated that 
Malaysia is lack of everything in fashion industry.Therefore I decided 
to do it myself. My very own Lana's inspired headaband, let's get started.

Instructions: 1) All you need is a basis headband, Scissor, hot glue gun
& 5-8 flowers of your choice. 2) Cut the flowers stamp. 3) Place the
flowers on the headband to plan your ideal composition. 4) Glue it up.

VoilĂ , we are done. Till then stay gold.