Bananana nana nana nana.

While everyone is being obsess with minions from Despicable me,
it got annoying to me. Yes, I do find them adorable but not anymore.
This is simply due to society whining & talking about them non stop.
McDonald decided to launch minions as their happy meal for kids & it is
suppose to be a good thing for kids but the young teenagers & adult are
the one who is out of control. I don't remember the last time I passed by 
McDonald in the mall or at the petrol station without hearing adult dying
to get their hands on the minions. Last three days ago right after I picked up
my girls from their dance class on the way to our chill out place, there was 
a heavy traffic nearby one of the petrol station. I thought it was an accident & I 
was wrong. Basically a huge amount of adult are waiting for minions at 
McDonald. Ever since everyone is going gaga over minions, the market 
place a high price for minions merchandise. Which means good sales money
& some of the pricing are absurd. However, my mother thought it would be
cute if we get something different & she decided to grab few minions cupcakes
from Wondermilk. What's not to love, it's food & who doesn't love cupcakes!.
Till then, stay gold.