Attitude adjustment to a calm life.

"Be patient, understanding, positive, happy go lucky, have faith,
believe, work hard, in peace & go through life with a big heart"

I've noticed how pretty ugly I get when I'm in a bad mood, 
I don't really have much patient & I love to get things done fast. 
I want to live a better life, I need to be calm after all the chaos
I've been through & I want to love myself more. I want to be okay.
It is tough to handle our dramatic moods, I can't deny how hard
it is to be happy & positive when life keeps on challenging us
with obstacles. My worst obstacles would be people, the only
reason why I spend most of my time being alone is to avoid
 annoying people. Rude, fake, loud, exaggerator, naive, negative &
whiner just does it. When I'm around this type of people, my
manners are just horrible & terrifying. I do not hesitate to share my 
opinion about how crappy their are being, to berate or to beat them up. 
(serious) This is all wrong, it is not even right. Therefore for this past
few months, I've been trying my best to be a good person & put together
my terrible mood swings. I realize how I don't just berate with people,
I try to be reasonable with stupid questions but there are times I got
carried away (frown face) However, life doesn't sugarcoat everything
& we learn to handle ourselves around our obstacles. My getaway
would be listening to my music, blogging, taking photographs, youtube,
reading, soaking in the bath tub & a long cardio (often to release anger) 
The moment we find our inner peace, we found ourselves living better
with accepting, adjusting, understanding & it goes on. What I'm trying
to say is that nobody else can help us until we help ourselves first.
On the other hand, my life is getting better & soon it will be great.

Remember that I met Amber Chia on the last day of June?.
I tweeted the picture we took together & she retweeted it ♥