50 facts about me.

For about two to three weeks noticing that everyone that
I'm following did a blog post or video of '50 facts about me'.
Therefore I thought it might me fun to do it too. I shall list it!.

1) I'm madly in love with photography, that's why I'm a photography student.

2) I'm 5'5 feet tall.

3) I'm a tea person.

4) My favorite colour would be turquoise, baby blue, yellow & vintage rose pink.

5) My parents are divorced & there's nothing lovely about it.

6) I'm a big fan of Lana Del Rey.

7) I have two tattoos, one on the right wrist & one on the left arm.

8) I have a driving license & I'm also a speedy driver.

9) I'm a sandwich person, oh yummeh.

10 ) I love snacking in the middle of the night.

11) I never order salad before in my life & I don't eat salad.

12) I often workout after 4pm or after 12pm before bed.

13) I have 6 lovely pets.

14) I used to play sports like paintball, netball, hockey & so on.

15) I'm a 6 years in the row shot put champion since primary till the end of high school.

16) My room smells like Lush, simply because I'm in love with Lush products.

17) My favorite scent would be rose, lavender & tea tree.

18) I'm a control freak who loves to clean.

19) I'm not a fan of pink colour but my room is pink in colour.

20) I had a knee surgery when I was 14 years old.

21) I had depression, my family wasn't there for me but someone saved me & he is
the reason why I'm still alive today.

22) In 2012, I almost lost my life through chaos.

23) I dislike korean girls singers/group. 

24) I have this thingy about zombies, sometimes I would plan how to survive through zombies apocalypse. I actually prepared weapons & food for that one day.

25) I love games & my favorite game would be: The last of us, Resident evil, The walking dead & Left 4 dead.

26) I'm a big fan of dark art especially Tim Burton's artwork.

27) I once had blue, purple & red colour for hair.

28) I'm a hot tub person, I can soak myself for hours.

29) I've beaten up people a few times.

30) I'm a hot tempered person.

31) I cried like a baby when I watched One day movie.

32) I always get A in art.

33) I don't fancy soda, I stop drinking soda at the age of 17 years old.

34) I'm a hoarder.

35) Brighton is one of my favorite place to be during Summer.

36) When I'm down, I usually cry myself to sleep.

37) I'm an annoying person, I'll try my best to be loud & annoy people for fun.

38) I get creepy when I'm around my pets.

39) Madly in love with vintage shopping.

40) I'll start humming when ever I'm doing my artwork.

41) I'm not a birthday person because nobody ever did pull of a celebration party. My first lovely birthday gift was from Derek & Alyona.

42) People always mistaken my younger brother & baby sister as my children because they look like me even though we came from different fathers.

43) I grew up with Power rangers, Pokemon, Digimon, Adam family & Madeline.

44) I dislike children.

45) I've met more than 15 celebrities.

46) Every time I get to talk to a celebrities, my tongue got tied & I'll look dumb.

47) When I was 8 years old, I told myself to live life as if I was dying. Before I turn 18 years old,
I've accomplish almost all the little things in life.

48) I can't dance. The last time I dance, I ended up in the emergency room.

49) I'm a deep person, I think a lot about the impossible to make it possible. I guess this is why I'm into dark arts, everything has its story.

50) I'm an observant & a scary one.

There you go, 50 boring facts about me. Woot woot!
Besides that, I'm madly in love with my new Typo iPhone speaker.
Till then, stay golden.