Room tour ♡

Bonjour mon readers!.  When I first did a blog post on my room,
the responds from my blog readers surprised the heck out of me.
However, I still receive requests for an update on room tour & here
I am today posting an update. There's nothing new & I still don't 
understand why is my room that interesting to others. (awkward)
Besides the brand new bed sheet & the tiny ladder table besides my
workspace, everything is still the same. I wanted to change my wall
colour to light grey or Tiffany blue but I couldn't find the time & I've
been working on my operated knee muscles. Basically, I've been a
lazy arse who is in a lot of pain. (more awkward face expression)
I hope this inspire my readers to have their ideal room, a place where
you can escape from everyone & a place where you can dream at night. 
If you'd like to show me your room, you can leave me a link to your
video or blog. (click here & inspire me now!)

Till then, stay golden.