I only fear never trying

When I was thirteen years old, I've always talked about cars with
my school mates. Back then it's all about playing racing games on
Playstation & my favorite was 'The Original Most Wanted' in 2005.
If you know me long enough, you would know that I'm a big fan
of 'Fast & Furious' & I love to speed on the highway (this explain
all my speeding tickets). Last night out of random when I was googling,
Tumblr-ing, I decided to tweet about Gal Gadot who is one of my
favorite character in Fast & Furious as Giselle besides Han who is 
played by Sung Kang. Although they killed her character & got me upset, 
she's amazing, a mother with a hot body. Who doesn't love her. After I 
tweeted about her, I went to bed & when I woke up, I realized that she 
tweeted me back (tears of joy). I'd proudly say that she made my day.