I live for two reasons: 1) I was born. 2) I haven't died yet.

Thank god it's Friday, I wanted to leave my bed this morning but the
idea of going outside doesn't seems to be ideal. I've always talked about
how I would spend my time going through records in music store in twitter.
I never did purchase any before because obviously I do not have a record player.
I love the idea of collecting records, I'd say music hunting. Yesterday, I was
searching for Lana Del Rey's Born to die record in One Utama Damansara
but it was sold out. Rumor said that only one record came to Malaysia.
Although I couldn't get Lana's record, I got The xx Coexist record. Besides that,
cleaning my wardrobe today isn't a bad idea after all. Right after I cleared
up my room, I had nothing to do but to google Sung Kang. Most of the
time on Tumblr, reblogging everything about Sung Kang & watching all the
movies he acted in. (I need to take charge of my fan girl-ing obsession, screams)