I can be your china doll If you want to see me fall.

Hello readers, I'm finally back from Bangkok & I apologize for the
lack of entries lately. In two days time I'll be flying to Singapore, the
idea of traveling non stop seems so perfect right now. My next destination
right after Singapore would be Korea, England & Spain. Enough about
my traveling plan, I've been so ill lately that everything seems fragile when
it comes to my health. Besides that, I couldn't go to any Lana Del Rey's
Born to die tour. (still crying at night) However, I finally found Lana
Del Rey's top from one of the my favorite store in Bangkok. What's not
to like about the store, they sell good music (CDs) & amazing shirts.
I have to say that it is hard to find bands or singers shirts lately. The owner
is amazing yet friendly, basically everything that I bought from the store
is either half price or free. What else can I bargain for? good music & low
price or better yet free stuff that I actually like. Till then, stay golden.