I believe in free love & that’s just how I feel.


Apparently the haze is getting worst, from Singapore to Malaysia.
My skin is freaking out, polluted air isn't helping at all. I'm abusing 
my face with face masks & decided to lock myself at home. Lucky
me that Lush face mask is there to the rescue. Not to forget that I
finally get to update myself with 'Oh comedy' magazine after a year.
It is ridiculous how Malaysia are lacking of everything, I bought my 
copy at Singapore & dance my way back to Malaysia. Besides that, I'm
spending my time listening to Gabrielle Aplin, Passenger, Vampire 
weekend, Rachel Zaffira, Passion pit & Daughter with my cats.

Till then, stay golden.

Top: Topshop | Clutch: American Apparel | Recycling bag: MADE
iPhone cover: DIY | Headband: Topshop | Wrist watch: Urban Outfitter
Bracelets: Vintage | Postcard: Wondermilk.