Getting inked ♥

If you followed me on Twitter or Instagram, you would know about
my new tattoo. It was a tough decision as I remembered how much
Derek hated tattoo & now I wanted to do a second one. To me, a tattoo
is a true poetic creation & is always than meets the eye. As a tattoo is
grounded on living skin, its essence emotes a poignancy unique to the 
mortal human condition. It is so important to get a meaningful tattoo with
a story behind those inked skin. Well mine is beautiful to me as it is 
a part of dedication to my loved one. Besides that, my tattoo was done
by Elton at the Blackcat tattoo studio. He is friendly & it took him less
than 15 minutes to finish the tattoo. Not to forget that my tattoo was
sponsored by Lovelywhitebone, check out her blog for more.

I've been all over the place recently with my girls & met the gorgeous
Amber Chia today. Such a gorgeous yet friendly lady, hooray!.

Till then, stay golden.