Changes will happen.

29 May 2013 we light up candles, candles for the birthday boy.
I thank his family for giving me the chance to celebrate his day,
even though through Skype. I wanted to blog about our necklaces
& I custom made brand new one but it didn't arrive on time. (urgh)
Within a blink, June is already here knocking on our doors.
Since I did not leave the house for about eight days, it got me
thinking that 5 months has passed us by & what have we done
so far?. Oh god, this got me devastated. It hit me in the chest
as if someone punch my chest, going back to memory lane was a 
bad idea & now I question my future. Back in 2011, I would
never imagine all this would happen. I learn to appreciate more,
I learn to be more honest & I want to change my blogging concept.
More traveling, more adventure, more detail & the list goes on.
For now, I just need to heal & get myself together.

 June Inspiration.