There is no 'u' in awesome but there is a ‘me’.

Hello my dearest readers, apparently I'm trying my hardest to rest
 my mind & my body so I don't suffer from panic attacks. I remember
back in 2011 where I had a lovely yet brilliant summer, it's all about
healthy smoothies, good teas, lovely coffees & ciders. Notice there's
not much of food in-take? Since last year summer didn't turned out
great as the year before, I am motivated to make sure I am doing 
something in my life instead of laying down on the bed watching
cartoons & talking to my cats. Not to forget I am taking vitamins 
& collagen. I am turning 20 years old this year & I am very worry
that age will change my appearance such as my skins, my hair, my nails,
my body figure & the list goes on. My poor knee which was operated
back when I was fourteen years old is aching & I am probably going green this
year, I'll get back to you if it works out. (fingers cross) Besides that,
I would love to imagine Nico Mirallegro running towards me in
the summer, not wait. Let me meet him half way. (laughing hysterically)

My favorite smoothie of the month:
- Matcha green tea & banana
- Banana, raspberry & guava smoothie.
-Banana, strawberries & mango smoothies.
- Guava, mango, strawberries & skimmed milk.