So I run like I'm mad to heaven's door.

Gargoyles standing at the front of your gate. Trying to tell me to 
wait but I can't wait to see you. Recently, I went through my old
laptops & found photographs of my old peers. Back when we would
get drunk, go against the world & sing good songs while walking back
home. Our friendship was beautiful like the sky in the dark by Brighton
Pier, you could lay down for hours & the wind would tell you beautiful
stories. Laughter are one of the most precious moment, we would run into
the sea before Winter. I remember the day Derek came to visit me, wasn't
a sunny day but to me it was the brightest day of my life. Waiting for him
at the train station made my stomach weak. I love our walk at the pavilion
& by the seaside. That's our memories, our photographs, our secrets.

First photograph: Brighton Pavilion | Dress: Miss selfridge | Watch: Ellui
Bracelets: Diva, Nana & vintage | Sunglass: Ellui | Blushes: Guerlain.