Rant on being accused of being a copycat.

Here comes another rant, I've noticed how society love to create
dramas. One that pisses me off the most is when you like/love
something first then others decided to like/love it & claimed that
their love it way longer before you. This usually happens when
someone famous such as artists, models or most common bloggers 
like the same things as you like/love & society set up this system
in their head that non famous people or shall I say blogger is copying.

Oh god!, this makes me laugh so hard. Few months ago, I was
being bashed by some readers claiming that I am copying one of
Malaysia lovable blogger. Want to know why? Simply because
I did a few Stylenanda reviews on my blog & right after I posted,
the famous blogger did a post on Stylenanda too. Straight away
after the lovable blogger updated her blog, I received mail saying
that I am copying the Malaysia lovable blogger. (face palm) I screen
shot the dates of all my reviews to prove that I don't need to copy
others. My blog is my interest, my blog is my mind & I really don't
care or bother about being famous. My blog is enough to prove my
existence & I am thankful that I do have readers around the world.
This is also why I dislike those famous bloggers. Besides that,
society love to win those beautiful girls even though those pretty
girls are at wrong. Since when everything is based on looks?, what
is happening to humanity?. Example: (Person A) is a friend to (Person B)
& (Person B) is more famous yet beautiful than (Person A). They both
took selfie togethers wearing the same t-shirt, same hair colour & style. 
In one moment later after they post their selfie online comes the society 
condemning (Person A) saying that (Person A) is copying (Person B)
Have you ever thought that maybe (Person B) is copying (Person A)
instead?. Of course not, this is simply because society programmed
their minds that the less pretty one will always copy the prettier one.

I am here placing my statement that I do not & did not copy one 
of your Malaysia famous lovable blogger. If I want to copy someone,
that person would be my national anthem Lana Del Rey. I've been
her fan since she was Elizabeth Woolridge Grant or Lizzy grant.

Till then, kisses to the society!.