Rant: Kindness.

I could break the wall & scream when someone ask me to 
agree with them that it is okay to be stupid for good karma.

I've come to a point that conversations could pisses me off
& I would like to high five those people's face have with a 
brick. For the thousand times, I must say some kindness can
lead you to stupidity. I am not against being nice & all but I
must say that if you're too nice others would take advantage
of you. Never the less, I've realized how nice people could
be naive at times. There's nothing wrong about nice people
but it sure does bother me when someone decided to be nice
& ended up in a shitty position or a worst situation. Take me
for an example, I believe in karma & I am the person who is
terribly afraid of bad karma because I've seen it retaliate at 
its worst but I don't put myself in a stupid situation without
putting common sense into my action. I am well known as
the cold hearted bitch as I don't really shred my sympathy 
that easily & this doesn't make me a bad person. Good karma
doesn't mean you have to donate all the time or letting others
step on your head. Good karma is about a pure heart to love
what or who had been give to you & your surrounding. To 
learn lessons from your mistakes, to respect yourself, respect 
others & take responsibility of your actions. Live a venerable life,
embrace yourself to help others in a way that your heart is
still at peace. Sharing knowledge, accepting what ever happens
& be gentle with earth. When I say be gentle with earth that
doesn't it is not okay to kill pest or eat animals. Pest are meant
to be destroy, it brings bacteria & it could effect your health.
Have you heard of food chain? apparently some people doesn't.
Which mental case would go around saying it is okay to eat
seafood but when it comes to meat we can't eat meat. I would
 love to give an award to these people, such a genius. If that is
the case, why the hell can you eat seafood?. (face palms)
Why not be a vegetarian!. With all the respect, I understand 
that some religion such as Muslim can't eat pork, Buddhist & 
Hindu can't eat beef. However, I've been around the world
and the youngsters nowadays doesn't seem to follow this
religion rules anymore but there are amount of people who
still practice & I am not touching this matter. I am saying those
who give stupid excuses because their want to earn good karma.

There's a different between being kind and stupid.