It's Friday, 3 May 2013.

Have you ever thought about how lovely is it to stay in a dream
& never have to wake up. Everything you want & wish could come
true. I had the most silliest dream last night where Nico Mirallegro
knew me & we were good friends. In the dream we were standing
somewhere catching The Smiths live on stage, it ended romantically.
(super awkward dream making me blush) I fancy Nico Mirallegro now.
I don't usually get nice dreams, I often have nightmares or visions
of tomorrow's chaos. There are times I'm afraid of dreaming, my body
is asleep but my mind is awake. There are few times I couldn't push
myself to wake up, I was paralyzed. Sometimes I could see those
spirits wander around, it often happens when I'm half awake or half
asleep without any fail. Those experts said that I'm stressed out & my 
over thinking is going to hurt me. Could it be I'm having Lucid dreams
or there's something wrong with my head. It's already hard to stay happy
& now my nightmares wouldn't let me rest in my sleep. To carry on,
I had to make my Friday relaxing yet yummy with peach oatmeal 
because that dream I had with Nico Mirallegro sure did make my day.