That depressing moment when you wake up during the best part of your dream.

Sawatdee kaa, I am back from Bangkok, Thailand!. I couldn't find the time
to update my blog in Thailand due to massive shopping till drop issues. 
However, if you followed me on Twitter you can catch up with my latest
updates. I will definitely blog about Bangkok later on but for now let's just
enjoy staring at the goodies I bought. (smirk & giggles)

Even since Derek got me my very first dream catcher I fell in love with dream
catchers so much that I started collecting. How lovely is it to have something
that could prevent/catch nightmares or bad dreams. All the negative images
intend to make human more worry, human stress up too much about the bad
stuff & that's where law of attraction attracts the bad negative stuff to become
reality. Many asked if it really works and the answer is up to you to believe in it. 
When you are negative towards everything, everything will go against you.
Till then live your life to the fullest, enjoy the little sillies things.

Top: Muscle t-shirt from Jatujak | Shoes: H&M creepers | Sunglass: Quay
Dream catcher: Pratunam market | Beanie: Platinum mall | Cosmetic: Chanel, 
MAC, Tomford & Marc Jacobs.