That awkward moment when you gently throw your phone onto your bed & it decides to bounce off 3 walls, hit a lamp then kill a cat.

I never did explain why I'm in Malaysia & not in England.
I couldn't find the right time to talk about my personal thoughts.
I'm going through a tough time & let's say I'm struggling with my own
personal matters. I laugh a little whenever I hear people making 
rumors that I failed, got bad grades in England & that is why 
I'm forced to return to Malaysia. The truth is that I got accepted
to 5 top universities in England after college but then I began facing
personal problems back home in Malaysia. With tears & all my
heart I had to let go of my offers. However, one of the universities
that I wanted to enroll to decided to give me 3 years duration offer.
They told me to  accept the offer whenever I'm ready; I'm the happiest
 person on earth. I plan to settle my personal problems while taking
a Degree in Lim Kok Wing University before returning to England.
I realize now how much I dislike Lim Kok Wing University simply
because I wanted to do pure photography. Not digital. I was tired
with the rules in every assignments. I wasn't given the freedom to
make art as how I see & everything was different from the British
education back in England. I had to go through heavy traffics every time
I have classes; the distances between home & Cyberjaya is killing me.
I had to speed 140 KM/P to reach my university in 40 minutes.
The more I stayed in Lim Kok Wing, the more I started
to feel the hate I have towards photography. I needed to stop.
I'm in love with photography & being in that university made
me despise something I treasure in most in my life. Maybe it is because
 I had my heart set on university of creative arts since I was a little girl.
I had my eyes set on university art of London. I decided to drop
my Degree in Lim Kok Wing. I'm praying hard to return to 
England next year to finish my Degree; to live my dream.
To be honest, I'm taking a big risk & I'm wasting my parents 
money which is makes me very devastated. What if my personal
problems never did settle in time & there's no other universities
in Malaysia that is offering Degree in Photography besides LKW.
This is a huge leap of faith that I'm willing to take; no matter what
consequences that will come my way.

Top: Boy London | Beanie: Giyongchy | Camera: Canon AE-1
Accessories: Topshop, Diva, Stylenanda & vintage | Bodum: Starbucks
Cosmetic: Shu eumura Karl Lagerfeld edition, Chanel, 3CE & Models own.