Summer wine.

Sometimes we need to take a few steps back to see where we missed
it, before we can move forward. This coming Summer won't be
sweet like any other Summer in the past, simply because life &
death isn't a game. When you lost someone who can talk sense
 into you to tell you that everything is going to be alright is
no longer on earth, life get tougher, everything gets rougher.
To be very honest with myself, I'll admit how exhausted
I am with everything & I'm ready to fall for a while to get some
sleep. What I fear the most is not being able to wake up &
stand strong to climb back up. Does this make me a quitter,
will this change everything & ruin me?. Everything is so fragile.

Top: Zara | Bottom: BKK | Clutch: Chanel | Case: Marc Jacobs
Sunglass: Quay Australia | Cosmetic: Juicy couture, Clear last &
Too faced | Accessories: Nana BKK, Taylor swift bracelet & Topshop.