Sarcasm, because beating the shit out of people is illegal.

Hooray, I'm back from Bangkok. I'm exhausted & my skin is freaking
out again. Unfortunately, I didn't get to shop so much this time (big frown)
Do not be surprised cause I did spend on clothing & accessories. (smirk)
Like I said before, a day without shopping is like a year without rain.
My journey to Bangkok was more about relaxing & it is all about 
enjoying cold tea. The weather beats the crap out of me, I was drowning
 in my own sweat. Not to forget that I met two Thailand famous bloggers
during my tea session. I'll blog about Bangkok some other day though.

Also I'm disappointed with Malaysia's taxi drivers. Why do taxi drivers
get to choose customers & location. After I arrived in Malaysia from Bangkok,
I had to take a cab home because no one could pick me up. Believe it or
 not this is my first time taking a cab in Malaysia & the taxi driver refused 
to send me home because he found the destination far. Three taxi drivers
refused to send me & every each of them kept on saying "no & no".
Why do taxi drivers get to complain about distances & whine on how 
exhausted he or she is. I totally agree with Cheesie's post about taxi 
drivers right now. As a taxi driver, that is your job. So stop complaining 
about how tired you are & how far is the destination is. 
It's not like we don't pay. When I was in England, taxi drivers
are so nice & helpful. There's this one time, I was walking under
the cold rain during winter. All the taxis were taken & I tried to stop
a few but sadly non was available. A taxi driver however who was with
another customer stopped by & told me to wait at the bus stop. He called
his clique & within two minutes and another taxi driver came for me.
I was cold, soaking wet & lost. Thank god for those kind taxi drivers,
I actually got to my peer's home safely. I often travel & by far Malaysia's
taxi drivers are the worst. Well I guess next time, Malaysia's taxi driver
don't get to complain about low salary. Blame your lazy asses, lazy taxi drivers.

On the other hand, almost half of the people I know have 
seen The XX performed live & then there's me being a rotten potato 
at home or somewhere else. I really want to see Lana del rey, The XX, 
Crystal castle & Naked Famous so badly.

Top: The XX | Beanie: Comme des FUCKDOWN | Sunglass: BKK
Pouch: Miumiu | Cosmetic: Harajuku, MAC & Lady gaga fame perfume
Accessaries: Topshop, Diva & vintage | iPhone cover: Typo | Shorts: BKK.