I wish there was a rewind button in life.

Aging is scary once you realize everything is moving too fast.
Within a blink another age & an increase of number to remind you
how much time have you taken to be that someone you imagined to
be. Some say we never did grow up, we just learnt how to behave in
public but to me time is my strongest enemy. I can't defeat time & it 
never fail to pressure me to work harder each day. It is tiring; to be
worrying all the time, to make sure I'm at the right path to become a
better person. It's so hard to fight when time makes me stress out
& mad all the time. What makes it worse is those negative human
beings making life harder than it already is. You tried so hard to stay
positive & these people decided that it would be fun to see you go
through those rough miles. God knows how we human struggle;
aging around obstacles while the clocks continuously tick non-stop. 

Top: Dorothy Perkins | Bag: Malaysia special limited edition Chanel
Accessories: Ellui korea, Chanel, Diva & vintage | Cosmetic: Chanel.