I wake up with a good attitude everyday but then idiots happen.

What's new? everything!. (exaggerating) Thanks to my cats that I am
suffering from skin rashes, I feel so depressed that my kittens & my 
own skin look so sick at the moment. Besides that, I've been so busy
with cooking & cleaning. Not to forget I have to drive my sibling to
the studio & I have my own classes to attend. (frowning) However,
thanks to Coffee tree soap bar & scrub, I feel more alive & awake.
Coffee tree for skin is perfect for coffee lovers, do you know coffee
is good for human skin? This is because coffee works as antioxidant,
detoxifier, anti-cellulite & vasoconstrictor. Coffee also helps to 
moisturize dry skin, how brilliant is that?. Therefore I'll be dancing 
around enjoying youth & healthy looking skin. 

Top: Bangkok | Beanie: Sungei wang | Shoes: This & That
Accessories: Nana, Diva & vintage | Recycling bag: Bangkok
Cosmetic: Topshop, MAC, Tomford & Coffee tree.