Spiked is the brainchild of Jamie Ryan Dee. Launched on 29th May 2012, 
Spiked is Jamie’s very own clothing line, which due to overwhelming demand has 
expanded from customizing existing garments, to manufacturing his own designs 
for his Spiked line. The idea for Jamie’s own clothing line came from his legion of followers 
on his social networking platforms. Having already established somewhat of a cult following 
via his blog JamJars http://jamjars.tumblr.com (which to date has amassed over 300,000 subscribers), 
Jamie constantly received feedback on his own clothing. “I started customizing and dying my own 
clothes and when people started to ask me where I bought them from and finding out that I had 
actually made them myself, people were asking me to design them garments similar to my own”.

Check out http://www.spiked-apparel.com for more info!.