Delicious spring.

I am devastated, I wanted to be at Coachella so badly where 
everything is about music & fashionista. However, I'm welcoming
Spring with pastel colours. My favorite colors of the month would
be yellow & mint green. It's the most delicious month ever & to
complete Spring I must own Stylenanda Ice cream make up kit.
Thanks to 3 concept eyes make up, you can never look dull & peaky.
Stylenanda making sure Nanda girls are gorgeous from top to bottom,
 I simply love the natural colours & orange lip crayon.

Besides that, I am enjoying Spring with music. 24/7 of music &
ciders. This would be the right time to take out your fancy headphones
or to get a new one. Till then I'll be dancing my way to Summer while
packing my luggage. (Follow me on Instagram or Twitter for more updates)