Boohoo, nobody likes you Monday!.

Please stay longer Sunday, we don't want nor need Monday. (frown)
Nobody ever did like Monday, everything is just so stressful & exhausting.
I tried to pamper myself with home spa & facial treatment just so I could 
calm myself down. When ever I start panicking, I can't seem to sleep, I 
start thinking too much which could upset me & lead me to depression.
Things that bother me so much this week would be driving, finding 
parkings, the weather, uneducated people who have no manners & lack
of rest due to my responsibilities. On the other hand, I can't wait
to fly to Korea & Vietnam. (dancing around with a big smile)

Top: Bangkok | Clutch & bags: Marc Jacobs & Bangkok 
Accessories: Diva, Nana & vintage | Camera: Typo | Sunglass: Bangkok
Cosmetic: Juicy Couture, Lush & Chanel.