Ever since Hurts foamed in 2009, I've been their biggest fan.
Obsessing over their concepts & lyrics that I would stay awake all
night long listening to their songs. Hurst never did fail impress me,
Blind lyrics & music video concept are way too brilliant.

The idea of staying in love, they take Cupid's love arrows & using
it as a drug to keep love going. The moment you get tired & you've
grown out of love but you still can't separate from one another 
because there's so much more to love that just memories. At the end, 
there's no more arrow left, the strength to fight & stay in love with 
each other has gone. Life becomes tough, so confusing yet numb
 because human are slaves towards emotion & they can no longer
 bare their situation. Just like druggies who ran out of hope & 
drugs, she end herself to spare them both some pain.