We accept the love we think we deserve.

 Bienvenue dans ma chambre! I have been receiving a few requests
from readers & friends; to blog about my room. It is true that I am
very protective of myself & secretive due to privacy matter but I'll 
let this one slide through. I wanted to repaint my room, I want to 
say goodbye to the pink wall & say hello to light grey wall colour. 
My room is a collage to me, where I can be my own interior 
designer. I collect vintage classic items to decorate my room, 
sometimes I am so in love with my room that I never wanted to 
leave my room. I don't mind laying down on the bed for days!
I would buy roses every two weeks time. The scent of a rose never fail
to calm me down & it gives my room a romantic feeling. In my opinion a
bedroom is one of the most important part in your house; you rest &
sleep there. That is where you dream at night, it is your personal space
& that is why it is so important to have a clean but yet lovely room
that could light up your mood. I strongly disagree that decorating 
is a waste of money, you can always D.I.Y from recycling items.
Shower gel bottle into vase, shoes boxes into make up compartment
& many more! Be creative, I'm pretty sure you will fall in love with
your room a little more every single day. Till then Prendre soin!