The awkward moment when you realize Dora the explorer, who is 5, has more freedom than you.

Hello there!. I miss walking around the country side in England while
snapping nature photographs. The moment I saw Stylenanda checked box
top, I just had to buy the top in every colour they had. It reminds me of
lovely Spring, I dislike how Malaysia will always be Summer & it's not the
lovely type of Summer because it would be too warm. I'm freaking out because
I'm having problem going to bed, terrible insomnia. I have to go through traffic
every morning to attend university & my skin isn't being very nice to me lately.
I couldn't apply any foundation to cover my dark circle, I look like a mess.
100 times worse than all the zombies in Warm bodies staring Nicholas Hoult.

Top: Stylenanda | Shoes: H&M | Sunglass: Ellui Korea | Beanie: Sungei wang
Cosmetic: Loccitane, Chanel, Bodyshop, Tomford & 3 concept eyes
Tea: TWG Pavilion | Accessories: Diva & vintage.