Mesphobia: Fear of becoming so awesome that the human race can't handle it & everybody dies.

Say hello to my new instant mini 8 cameras, oh yeah I own 5 Polaroid
camera at the moment. The price used to be 399++ ringgit but now you
can get it half price, how amazing is that?. (might get the blue in colour as well)
Besides that, my skin is freaking out due to the warm weather & lack of sleep.
My skin couldn't accept any foundation at the moment, it makes me look
like a freaking clown. It repeals make up to the maximum that I shouldn't even
bother trying to look better cause it will only make it worst. (screaming in frustration)
Therefore I'm pampering my skin with 3 concept eyes nursing cream, it will 
instantly give my skin a beautiful natural glow without applying any foundation.

Top: Stylenanda | Sneaker: H&M | Accessories: Diva, Topshop & vintage
Cosmetic: 3 concept eyes | Tea: Mark & Spencer | Camera: Fujifilm.