It's true, I crave you.

Daily routine? One of my favorite things is flowers, roses can never
go wrong. I love how I wake up in a good & yet calming environment.
I would spray the roses in my room with water every morning & put on
my play list. I guess how I wake up everyday is very important to me 
because that will decide my mood, I'd love to feel lovely everyday.
Besides giving love to my roses, I'd pamper myself with a nice face mask.
To be honest, I love being lazy because that is the easiest thing to do.
However, being lazy doesn't seem to be productive when you have
a list of things to do. I'd say that I spend a lot of time reading blogs, online
magazines & emails. I would stay online watching videos, doing research
& stalking celebrities for hours. This doesn't apply on a busy day, I get 
grumpy & I look chaotic. On the other hand, I really do miss family.
To make life sweeter, I'll eat more macrons. (giggling)

Top: Vintage | Bag: Chanel | Shoes: Topshop | Coin purse: Topshop
Cosmetic: Juicy Couture perfume & MAC | Accessories: Diva & vintage.