Trust me, when I woke up today I had no plans to be awesome but shit happens.

I've been going around searching for eccentric females to be to photograph
for a magazine photo shoot & of course I'd have to encounter few arrogant
humans who thinks I'll kiss their ass. One thing about me is that I will not
put myself down for a nobody especially young girls calling themselves models.
Under which agency are you, Instagram?. Apparently I'm very disappointed
with Asian young ladies. However I did found few beautiful ladies & I'll
be busy with my photography portfolio for 2013.

Lucky me, I went out to eat late lunch with my sister & I found out that Typo is 
having sales. Instead of spending 100 ringgit ++ I bought seven items for 
only 60 ringgit. Typo per item price is often 40 ringgit ++ & I managed to 
grab all the cool photo frames, books, film camera, tumbler & lantern lights
at a reasonable price. (shopaholic problem)

Top: Topshop | Camera: Typo | Tumbler: Typo | Bracelet: Paramore
Nail polish: H&M, Chanel & Topshop | Necklace: Diva
Tea: Marks & Spencer | Books: Typo & self made.