The things I like.

At times my alarm would wake me up, the first thing I listen to when I wake
up would be Derek's play list. I like to make coffee or tea, I like staring at my room,
I like how my room keep me at peace, I like doing art, I like old books, I like cats, I like
looking at photographs, I like looking at his photographs, I like to think about his lovely
neck, I like how distance doesn't stop us from being close, I like the way he
makes me feel enough, I like how he doesn't judge, I like how he never gave up,
I like how he plays the guitar, I like to think about our vacation, I like the way he smile,
I like to touch his eyes, I like to stroke his hair back, I like the way he talk, I like the way
he walk, I like the way he burst into laughter, I like staring at him asleep.
I guess I must have really like him & miss him.