Light a cigarette & wish the world away.

Don't you just hate it when you're exhausted from all the hate & all you
want it to get away from all the problem. The point is that you're not the
person who creates the problem but somehow you are always going to be
involve & there's is no way out until you learn to be selfish to leave those
you love behind. It's really hard to stay positive through all the insanity &
intense stress. When I'm at home, I want to go out & when I'm out, I want
to be at home because I realize out there is far worst & I rather stay in the 
four wall I built. I can't wait till my class start, I rather stay busy than not
having anything to do. (well not when I'm exhausted, you should see when 
I'm tired, I get grumpy & ridiculous at times) Till then I'll be doing my personal
studies & paying attention to my five lovely pets at home. ( alone cat lady, uhuh)

Top: Stylenanda | Shoes: Urban outfitters | Teapot set: Brighton lovely 
Bag: Chanel | Cosmetic: 3 concept eyes & Lush | Sunglass: Ksubi
Accessories: Vintage, diva, Posh totty & Topshop.