Keep your head held high because the floor isn't very interesting to look at.

I've been very lazy lately, all I want to do is sleep & get baked. Thanks 
to Hann's birthday party, I lost my voice. (I sound like a man right now)
Had a great time laughing non stop, everything is funny when you're baked.
I suck badly at gambling but I still won some amount of cash last night. 
I can't believe most of my friends is turning 20 years old this year.
I feel bloody old, in 10 months to come I'm turning 20 too. (arghhh frustration)
By the way, I did not plan to spend my Sunday suffering from sore throat.

Top: Stylenanda | Shoes: This & That | Accessories: Topshop, Diva, Taylor swift
bracelet, Topshop & vintage | Cosmetic: MAC, Lush, Taylor swift perfume & 3 concept 
eyes | Frame: Typo | Spectacle: Ray ban | Clutch: American apparel.