I'm not trying to impress you or anything but when I eat cereal, I use a fork.

I've been watching movies non stop lately, studying camera angles for film
 & searching for inspiration. I want to start painting again but my hand won't
dance the way I imagine it in my mind. I tried to sleep more so I could enjoy
sleeping before my class start & assignments attack my mind creating world war III.
Many asked about my kittens, if they are both Penelope's babies & the answer is
no. Penelope can't get pregnant due to health problem but Penelope is very nice
to Ash & Toffee. For the first time she accept other cats in the house.

Recently a door full with opportunities open wide for me but sadly not everyone 
is happy. I don't understand why people are trying to bring you down every 
time your on the way to the top including your own peers. Sometimes 
I don't even tell my peers anything & they think they know me well. 
I appreciate the time they spend tweeting about me, talking behind my back & so on. 
I guess people say what they want to say, that's why I do what I want to do.

Top: Stylenanda | Cosmetic: Topshop, Chanel & MAC | Camera: Mini diana F+
Accessories: Topshop, American appeal, diva & vintage | Shoes: Charlotte Olympia.