I once had a gold fish that could hump the carpet, but only for about 30 seconds.

Hooray my KKXX cap has final arrived! I've been waiting for this
awesome cap for about a month. Isn't the cap lovely, it's written "FUCK!!".
(giggling) I guess not everyone fancy the vulgar words but it is one
of KKXX best selling cap. 

A lady interviewed me lately, talking about my art experience & stuff. 
I wasn't even done talking & suddenly the person who interviewed me cut me off. 
She started explaining about photography, I kept my mouth shut till she asked me twice 
if I understand what is photography (as an insult).  I wanted to laugh so badly that I stared 
at her trying to reach her soul. I simply told her "If I had the choice, I'll be in UCA not
here & as I were saying I got accepted in 5 university in England but sadly I've got shits
to handle in Malaysia. Therefore please do not treat me like I don't even know how
to use a fucking camera." I definitely shut her up, she couldn't even look or shake my
hand but as I still respect her, I hand out my hand to shake her's like a mature adult.
Till then I'll be eating macrons while watching pretty little liars. (smirk) 

Top: Topshop | Cap: KKXX stylenanda | Boots: Topshop | Sunglass; Topshop
Accessories: Chanel, Sephora, Burt's bee, Models own & Benefits.