You can never be overdressed or overeducated.

An ideal day would be the one with loads of nap time, snack time &
laughter with my peers. However I'm enjoying 2013 so far, I'm loving
the recent projects where I'm helping few friends of mine with short film
production. I also get to spend more time with my good friends.
I've always wanted to get involve in film production industry & now I get to 
enjoy it with my good friends. Besides that, another big size parcel arrived to
my door step yesterday, more clothing, shoes & accessories from Naked Kimchi.
I'm so pleased with Naked Kimchi friendly service, they aren't like any other
online shopping website. They reply to your enquires or issues pronto which 
means soon as possible. Korean fashion wave is going worldwide, I can't believe
I let the wave swept me away. I'm so addicted to Korean food too, I'm eating Korean 
food also everyday which scares me. I want too many things & therefore I need 
to want less. I'm also looking for a Korean female & male models. (giggling)

Top/ Shoes/ Backpack/Hat: Naked kimchi | Accessories: Topshop, Diva & Vintage.
Cosmetic: OPI, Chanel, Topshop, Company, Lush & MAC.