Stylenanda review.

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Annyeong haseyo, What & who is Stylenanda? Stylenanda is a Korean
fashion store which offers you fabulous clothes, shoes, bags, accessories & cosmetics.
I'm proud to say that I'm a nanda girl, I'm addcited to Stylenanda.
I wish I could have all Stylenanda's clothes in my wardrobes, it would be heaven.
(I will post in some other time about Stylenanda clothes in my wardrobe)

Let's talk about Stylenanda & beauty cosmetic.

3 concept eyes was launched by Stylenanda, making woman around
the world glow 100% times brighter. You can compare the differences between Korean 
cosmetic products with others. This give koreans wannabe to have kpop artist glowing 
flawless skins make up. Besides that, I'm very pleased with Stylenanda
friendly service, they reply to enquires as soon as possible to make sure
that their customers/nanda girls are happy. They charge 60 USD for delivery service
but the more you spend the lower delivery charges price goes down. Any purchases
above 200 USD, delivery is free of charge. That means the more you buy, the
better it gets. Stylenanda is also generous, the first thing I noticed when I
opened my parcel is the free gift which is All day UV spray given by Stylenanda.
How amazing is that, I'm totally in love with Stylenanda. On the other hand, they
sent a cute apology note " Sorry, love you & thank you" to inform me that few of the 
item I purchased will be send to me soon due to unavailable stock at the moment.

I'd highly recommand Stylenanda to my readers, 
where fashion & beauty never dies. Annyeong!