No fact, no fame, no fortune, no love.

Hottest question at the moment "Did you attend Golden Disk Award?".
The answer to this question is no, I was busy helping my mother,
helping my friends doing video shooting & photo shoot. Furthermore,
Bigbang especially TOP did not attend & I couldn't attend anyway. The good
 news is that I will update my workshop soon with more photographs. Besides that,
I'm very excited about my up coming projects, I can't spill the milk at the moment.
If I announce the projects, it will be less exciting. 

Checkout  the video above, G-Dragon for I am Mugler.
I can't get enough of it.

Top: H&M | Accessories: Topshop, Diva & vintage | Beanie: Giyongchy
Cosmetic: Chanel & Topshop | CD: Some nights by Fun | DVD: Skins
Camera: Topshop | Sunglass: Spitfire | Magazine: Oh comedy UK.