Listening to strangers conversations, in the train & mentally giving your opinion.

To do & what not to do is simple as it is. Maybe human love to over think
& analyze matter too deep. Sometimes we don't have to understand but accept
reality, my shoulder are wet with tears. I've been down alone so many times but staying
down doesn't help me & I fight my way back up to prove to myself that life is more
than it is. Why do you want to bury yourself? that's absurd. Therefore when my peers
is down I couldn't stay silent but to have their back, nobody deserve to face this world
alone. What makes you stronger?, ask yourself that question everyday.
I can tell you one thing, nothing else but yourself. If you can't handle yourself,
what makes you think others could help you, especially to accept the truth.
Everyone is entitled to their opinions but this is mine.

Gori hood: Naked Kimchi | Sunglass: Spitfire | Accessories: Diva, Topshop, Urban outfitter,
Posh totty, Taylor swift bracelet, Paramore only exception necklace & vintage.