If you want a perfect girl, go buy a barbie doll.

Happy new year!, another year begins. How's my new year?
I finally got my official driving license on new year eve, had an awesome
barbecue party & I met new fun friends. As usual the party always ended up 
very messy & loud on new year eve. I avoid heading to Bukit Bintang or anywhere
else due to the massive & insane traffics. Not to forget the amount of drunk drivers
on the road, they pisses me off the most. I was so disappointed at someone,
at least appreciate my effort for our friendship instead of making it so
awkward for me. I'm done being too nice to people who doesn't deserve it.

The best part about 2013 is that I survive 19 years of my life going through
rough roads, I try to avoid the same mistakes & I embrace what ever I'm left with.
I'm planning to focus more on art & photography since I'm so passionate about it.

Top: urban outfitter | Nail polish: Topshop | Accessories: Topshop, Diva & Vintage
Sunglass: Ksubi skeleton | Clock: Juicy Couture | Pouch: Marc Jacobs.