Are you crying? no, I'm impersonating a fountain.

I've been so busy with few projects that I couldn't even think straight.
What's even worst is that I'm starting to forget stuff especially meetings.
Believe me or not I often forget to reply text messages & what's app.
Indeed, I pissed off my client, friends & family for not replying. 
Due to my lack of rest, my eyes could blackout at times. Therefore
I avoid driving at late night especially when I'm exhausted.
I'm quite happy to announce few things to the public. However,
I'm not allowed to announce it until the project is done. (this is so frustrating)
There's so many things to be done in such a little time. 

Top: Stylenanda | Cap: Comme des Fuckdown | Sunglass: Ksubi Skeleton
Accessories: Diva, twilight, topshop & vintage | Cosmetic: 3 concept eyes
Magazine: Hanger | Pouch: 3 concept eyes by Stylenanda.