3 concept eyes by Stylenanda.

Here's another review on 3 concept eyes cosmetic by Stylenanda.

Apple tint, I love how it moisturise your lips at the same time.
It makes your lips colour look natural. Besides that, you may apply
it on your cheeks. It works perfectly for fair skin.

Lip pigment, one of my favourite product from 3 concept eyes.
You may create your own colour as you wish to apply on your
sexy lips. The most incredible part is that your lips won't go dry &
you can apply it as your eyes shadow or on your cheek as blushes.

I love how generous is Stylenanda to nanda girls, I received two
amazing gift. I'm in love with the cotton stick, apparently it is different
than any other cotton stick, it is specially design for cosmetic use.
The other gift would be Paint lip gloss, it is best to apply after using
pink lipstick for a creative look. How amazing is 3 concept eyes by Stylenanda!.

As you know, I'm in love with the colour creamy orange especially
for lips. Nothing could go wrong with cream soft Orange nude colour
lipstick, it would be the best lipstick for everyday wear.

UV all day spray, one of the best product. It is not oily, it give you
the fresh look  protects you from the sun. It would be very wrong 
without facial cleansing bar, it brightens up your skins & gives you
the perfect glowing effect. My make up bag will be always from
Marc Jacobs due to the amount of cosmetic & how often I travel,
I need a trendy bag/pouch which could fit all the product I own.
A triangle pouch would be perfect for a girl like me, you can carry 
it everywhere & still look gorgeous. (this is wear I keep all my 3CE products)

Ever since I started using 3CE cosmetic, I enjoy getting ready even more.
Probably because their product embrace my skin & it give me the Korean
skin look. I've never been this satisfied & now I'm one of the happiest girl.