When I play a fighting game, I press random buttons & hope for the best.

Hello December, please be nice & awesome. I'll be turning a year older
in sixteen days, Another year with another age. I'm happy to announce that
www.getmied.blogspot.com is now www.getmied.com!
(dancing happily while singing boom shakala laka)

I received my parcel from Naked Kimchi last week, as you know
I'm into urban Korean style. I'm happy with the design & quality of the clothing.
(I'll instagram more nakedkimchi clothing) In love with the Urban dress? click here!.

Sunglass: Ray-Ban | Dress: NakedKimchi | Nail polish: Models Own | Perfume: Tomford
Blushes: MAC | Eyes shadow: Topshop & Chanel | Accessories: Vintage & Diva.