The older I get, the more I understand squidwards anger.

There goes 2012, another year behind us.
Here we go again, everyone is talking about new year resolutions.
I'd usually say "fuck new year resolution!" To be honest, I never did think
about new year resolutions because to me everyday is a new day to create something
new. You wake up every morning creating your own world, what makes you happy,
what makes you angry, what makes you sad & what do you love to own. Why must you 
wait a new year to start a better life style? It doesn't matter when or how if you have the
 idea of your own happiness, anything is possible when you put it into action. 
Most people are just lazy, giving excuses because it is easier than trying or putting 
any effort to achieve their goal in life. Every little things in life
matter, it is how you see life. Earth with ART is EH.

I finally own two Giyongchy cap with different colours straps, which is green & pink.
I've been wanting it so badly & I've realised that I'm into caps lately. 
Therefore, I'm loving my COMME des FUCKDOWN* cap. 
I've been hunting this baby for months. 

Top: Topshop | Shoes: Cotton On | Cap: Comme des FUCKDOWN* & Giyongchy
Accessories: Balacianga Topshop, Diva, Naked Kimchi, Twilight replica & Vintage 
Mini Skateboard: Flip.