BIGBANG official varsity jacket.

How's my birthday? surprisingly not disappointing at all.
Thanks to my family, friends & strangers who wished me "Happy birthday!".
Who knew time pass by so fast that I'm no longer a 18 years old girl.
Before my birthday, I did mention how much I wanted Giyongchy beanie,
cap or iPhone cover. How wonderful that for my birthday I did received
Giyongchy cap, beanie, iPhone cover & Bigbang varsity jacket which made
me cry. That one good friend that did put a lot of effort to make sure I'm 
happy on my birthday is Bryan. Bryan sent me a what's app message with only
few alphabet & mostly numbers asking me to wait for the mail man. On the 20th 
December after I came back from Johor trip with my peers, I received a parcel
which contain such an amazing gift all the way from Australia. On the other hand,
I've been talking a lot about Bigbang Varsity jacket for a long time, especially on 
twitter & my sister decided to shut me up by giving me one in black colour. 

I'm always impress with people who pays a lot of attention to others or simply
an observant. It means a lot to me if you catch the little details about my life or
myself. I often give all my effort to make sure the people I care about gets the
coolest & yet thoughtful gifts but what upset me the most is that most never did 
know me nor appreciate my existence. Therefore being a good person is exhausting,
I really appreciate those who did make an effort for me & now I know who's my friends.
Best birthday ever!

Jacket: Bigbang official varsity jacket | Album: One of a kind GD bronze album
Accessories: Chanel, Vintage, Topshop & Diva | Sunglass: Karen walker 
Beanie & iPhone cover: Giyongchy.