2013 the year when the movie 2012 will be moved from the action section to comedy section.

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Here's to all the people who is annoyed with others who loves to post
on their FB status & tweet that the world is going to end on 21th December 2012.
This annoyed me to the max, even my peers can't stop talking about it.
First of all, how accurate is the Mayan's prediction? have you ever thought that
2012 is a warning sign from the mother earth that she can't take anymore
pollutions & therefore we have to start going green or else in the future the world
will come to an end. (like the movie 2012, to taught/educate human lesson)
Therfore don't go around talking without common sense, we are brought up 
with education & therefore we can think with logic. (not most people I guess)
I'm not insulting any monk also known as master or "sifu"
but if you can predict the world is coming to an end then oh wow you're
a god. How could you simply put a date as if you communicate with god
& god told you all the plans. If god wants to destroy everything god created,
god would just destroy the universe without informing us through CNN.
Recently I came across few ridiculous statuses on FB where I had to face palm 
myself seven times.  Example "Did you save enough food for 21th December?" 
Are you freaking kidding me, how I wish I could slap you with a brick in the face.
Stop being so paranoid, enjoy living & because of one person status on FB
others decided to post a status about it too. Human is a joke, a serious joke.